Intelligent management of the entire credit portfolio

From the initial application to account management Modular software for added efficiency 

WinCredit is the modular software solution for credit management. It allows for the professional and consistent processing of various types of credits, loans and mortgages, plus comprehensive management of the credit portfolio.

Credit applications

As part of a credit application, all important information on the customer and the respective credit is gathered and inspected. Once credit collateral has been assessed, pricing is defined in line with risks and credit agreements are drawn up. The entire credit dossier is managed digitally.

Credit applications consist of the following modular functions:

  • Internal credit application procedure, including approval process
  • Management of personal data and addresses
  • Property estimates according to various models
  • Account and coverage management
  • Document management
  • Lists and statistics
  • Rating system
  • Pricing in line with risks
  • Financing proposals
  • Affordability calculation
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Group exposure
  • Management of open issues and schedules
  • Credit monitoring
  • Link to external information providers

Account management

WinCredit covers all application areas and configurable basic functions for (credit) account management with subledger accounting – entirely in line with user requirements and individually applicable accounting regulations.

Account management includes the following functions:

  • Management of the offered mortgage and loan products
  • Automated debit positions and changes to interest rates
  • Preparation of tax data and printed data for individual and bulk documents using a printing and packaging line
  • Management of bank accounts for each partner
  • Payment transaction functions according to ISO 20022
  • Dunning with calculation of interest on arrears and expenses incurred
  • Accrued interest calculations
  • Adherence to accounting regulations
  • Interface to ledger, e.g. SAP/FI
  • Dual accounting
  • Assessments in line with IFRS 9
  • Assessment of the mortgage portfolio
  • Various interfaces to other systems for a wide range of requirements

Register of pledges Digital exchange with leading WinCredit software 

Pfandbriefbank schweizerischer Hypothekarinstitute AG allows its member banks to raise money on the capital market at triple A conditions. We offer suitable solutions for connecting with Pfandbriefbank.

WinCredit BondCom

WinCredit BondCom digitally compares data with Pfandbriefbank. The standard interface for importing the data can be configured individually and supports various file formats and data sources. The amount of data to be compared is adjusted according to the requirements and capabilities of the member bank.

WinCredit AutoBondCom

AutoBondCom is the innovative addition to WinCredit BondCom. The goal here is to almost entirely automate the management of the register of pledges. Data is imported from the basic system and saved as a pool of possible pledged objects. The pledged objects are registered and/or deregistered automatically according to the required coverage via a definable set of rules.

BondCom XML interface

The BondCom XML interface offers third-party providers the opportunity of integrating the digital management of the register of pledges into their solutions. Data is exchanged between the member bank and Pfandbriefbank via the standardised Web service interface.

Refinancing of the future From coverage stock to pooling 

Featuring professional and intelligent services, our solutions cover a wealth of different refinancing options – from creating own coverage stocks to coverage pooling and loan enquiries.

Own coverage stock

In WinCredit, individual coverage is assigned to coverage stock in the form of pledged objects. Besides importing the raw data for creating the pledged objects, a data interface is also implemented for importing the asset-covered bonds. All valuable changes are recorded as transactions in a register of pledges. In addition to the coverage, replacement coverage or security surplus coverage can also be included in the coverage stock. The reporting options are based on templates (e.g. Moody’s) or can be freely defined.

Securitisations / asset pools

In addition to coverage stocks, synthetic securitisations and green bonds can also be deposited as asset pools for transactions. We ensure that the respective conditions of the asset pool are met and that the corresponding data checks are carried out.

Coverage pooling

With coverage pooling, a central issuer can manage the coverage for refinancing loans from financial institutions. The coverage for each institution forms a coverage pool and can be constantly updated online by the institution. Numerous audit- or rating-relevant reports are available. This means that even large coverage pools can be processed with a minimum of effort.

Loan enquiries

With a loan enquiry, a central issuer can clarify the refinancing requirements of financial institutions online.
As potential borrowers, the institutions are informed about the upcoming issuing of shares and can state their refinancing needs. In turn, the assignment of loans and settlement of services flow back automatically. This results in loan enquiries being handled in a fast, transparent and simple manner for all those involved.