Clever automations in the credit business

Banking 4.0 with Smarx Smart processing 

Smarx solutions are the result of many years of experience in credit and refinancing processes. They automate and simplify interactions with end customers and also intercompany processes between banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers.

Smarx Credit

With Smarx Credit, processes are automated in a digital environment. We support the process design and implement this using an intelligent workflow engine and tried-and-tested WinCredit functions.

Smarx Collateral

Smarx Collateral enables the complete outsourcing of physical collateral management. Physical collateral is labelled with a bar code and then sent to the vault at SIX SIS AG. Using Smarx Collateral, notifications on deposits, transfers and withdrawals are made digitally, securely and efficiently.

Smarx Policy

With Smarx Policy, information on life insurance policies is exchanged digitally and automatically between insurance companies and banks. This means that banks always have up-to-date surrender values at their disposal; pledges (notification and denotification) can also be displayed. The processes between banks and insurance companies are thus simplified and expedited.