Software for credit management of the future

Our solutions Innovative, comprehensive and efficient 

With our established products WinCredit and Smarx, we offer innovative solutions for credit management and securitisations. Thanks to our long-standing experience, specialist and technological expertise and outstanding professional service, we are able to map out the entire credit cycle and corresponding collateral in full.

20 years of market success

WinCredit software is used for our credit management, management of the register of pledges and refinancing solutions. WinCredit is currently the go-to software solution across Switzerland, particularly when it comes to account management, the connection to Pfandbriefbank , pooling and securitisations.

The workflow of the future

The Smarx workflow is used to bring credit processes in line with the latest in digitisation and automation.

Our advantages What distinguishes our solutions 

Complete life cycle coverage

We cover the complete credit life cycle, including automatic document creation and the electronic credit dossier.


Single data entry

We process data according to the single-entry principle, incorporate various peripheral systems, promote the exchange of data seamlessly across different media and ensure communication with other companies.


Modular design

Our modular software and solutions can be perfectly tailored to user requirements and individual customer needs. In addition to on-site solutions, we are also developing an increasing number of cloud services that can be integrated without the need for major system adjustments.



Our aim is to automate credit processes step by step. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the processes, intelligent implementation is required in order to maintain the highest possible level of quality. To do this, we deploy teams of specialists and the latest technologies from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Our flexible working methods and close contact to customers enable us to constantly develop our solutions. Our aim is to anticipate changes and thus be well prepared for the challenges of the future at all times.